we take seafood seriously. Ourselves, well, not so much.

“From the very beginning we wanted this to be a welcoming environment where recipes are shared  and new things are tried.”

Owner Fred Derr never expected to own a fish market; in fact, he spent 20 years of his career in sales. But one day, something changed: he found himself at the 2017 Seafood Expo and his creative wheels started to turn…

Sometimes, things just seem to fall into place, and the opening of FISH was one of those things. Drawing from the happy memories of deep sea fishing trips with his dad and brothers, Fred scouted out the Newburyport location, which just happened to be available.

But Fred didn’t want to run just any seafood market. He wanted to ensure that FISH’s specialty was in the experience: besides the fresh and diverse daily seafood offerings, his vision was one of an inclusive community in which things like recipe swaps, supporting other local shops, and developing real relationships with customers were the cornerstone of the business.

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