Our Products

We carry the following products based on availability and season. Please call or come in to see what we have available.

** We also take orders on whole fish

Faroe Island Salmon (sushi grade)
Bigeye Tuna (sushi grade)
10/20 Sea Scallops (MA)
Chalk Stream Trout (sushi grade)
Red Snapper
Wild King Salmon
Local Mackerel
Local Bluefish
Mahi Mahi
Whole Bronzino 1# each
Local Redfish/ocean perch (ME)
Local Haddock (MA)
Icelandic Cod Loin

Fresh Lobster Meat
Frozen 1# Lobster Meat
8oz Frozen Jonah Crab Meat-OUT
Fresh 16/20 Shell on Carolina Shrimp
Frozen 16/20 Shell on Carolina Shrimp
Fresh Royal Red Shrimp (AL)
Frozen 1# Royal Red Shrimp (AL)
Frozen 1# Chopped Clams (USA)
1.5 lb Live Lobsters
Steamers (Ipswich)
Florida Stone Crab Claws
Cooked Cocktail Shrimp (21/25)

Norumbegas “Norms” Oysters (ME)
Glidden Point Oysters Oysters (ME)
Johns Rivers Oysters (ME)
Moondancer Oysters (ME)
Flying Point Oysters (ME)
Snow Island Oysters (ME)
Mussels (PEI)
Countneck Clams (MA)

Cap off Jonah Crab Claws (Frozen)
4/5oz Raw Lobster Tails (Frozen)
1# Cooked Octopus Tentacles (Frozen)
King Crab Legs (Frozen)
Louisiana Crawfish Tails (1 lb-Frozen)
Smoked Chalk Stream Trout (Frozen)
20 oz Clam Chowder (Frozen)
20 oz Lobster Bisque (Frozen)
20 oz Crab Bisque (Frozen)
20 oz Shrimp & Corn Chowder (Frozen)
2 lb Bag Raw Shrimp (16/20 Frozen)
2 lb Bag Raw Shrimp (8/12 Frozen)
2 lb Bag Cocktail Shrimp(21/25 Frozen)
1 pound MA Calamari (Frozen)
(2) Stuffed Clams (Frozen)
Maryland Jumbo lump crab cakes
Yellowtail Loins sushi (Frozen)
2 Pack Mad Martha’s Salmon Burgers
4 Pack Wild Caught Shrimp Burgers

Smoked Salmon Pate
Smoked Trout Pate-OUT
Smoked Bluefish Pate
Smoked Salmon Bacon

• Octopus Salad (8oz)-OUT
• Calamari Salad (8oz)
• Handmade Squid Ink Pasta (16oz)
• Lemon Caper Butter
• Scampi Butter
• Puttanesca Butter

• Orange, Red & Black Tobiko (2oz)
• Salmon Roe (2oz)-OUT
• Spoonbill/Paddlefish (2oz)-OUT
• Hackleback (2oz)
• Island Creek White Sturgeon (1oz)
• Island Creek Adamas (1oz)
• Bloody Mary Mix
• 8oz Cocktail Sauce
• 8oz Horseradish
• 8oz Horseradish Mustard
• 8oz Beet Horseradish-30% OFF
• 15 oz Jar Seaweed Salad
• 15 oz Jar Sea-Beet Kraut
• 15 oz Jar Sea-Chi
• Frozen Kelp Cubes (8)
• Frozen Ready-Cut Kelp
• Mackerel Fillets in olive oil
• Sardines in spiced sauce
• Sardines with piquillo pepper-OUT
• Cod Fish in Biscayne sauce
• Razor Shell Clams in brine
• Cockles in brine
• Octopus in olive oil
• Clams in brine
• Lemon Dill
• Land and Sea
• Salmon Rub
• Tuscan Herb
• Red Seafood
• Chili Lemon-Lime
• Tomato Basil
• Macadamia Nuts
• Cashew
• Pistachio
• Almonds (sugar free)
• Pecans (sugar free)